California children ‘for months chained’

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The Californian couple that their thirteen children held in their home have been indicted for, inter alia, torture and child abuse. The children were beaten, were starved and shackled, say the prosecutors.

David Turpin (57) and his wife Louise Turpin (49) risk, each with a prison sentence of 94 years or life if they are to be judged for a total of 38 indictments.

Prosecutor Mike Hestrin says that all thirteen children undernourished. He said that the teenager who earlier this week wegvluchtte to alarm, to succeed her escape two years had planned.

The couple punished their children, between two and 29 years of age, by they to tie. First they did that with the ropes. Later ketende them stuck to their beds with padlocks. Those penalties could be weeks or even months.

When the police raided the house invaded, were three children in the stench of their bed chained.

Much to their surprise, asked the agents found that seven of the “children” of legal age – 18 to 29 years. But they were all so small and starved that they are children of the laity.

Soon should the couple appear before the court.

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