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Brigitte Bardot: ‘Actresses who complain about sexual harassment are a hypocrite’

ce72bbb6294ef629dbc52b77b848b71f - Brigitte Bardot: ‘Actresses who complain about sexual harassment are a hypocrite’

After Catherine Deneuve is Brigitte Bardot the second French film star who played to the women in the film industry who complain about sexual harassment. “In most cases, it is hypocritical, ridiculous, and uninteresting.’

‘A lot of the actress flirting with the producers to have a special role, ” says Bardot in an interview with Paris Match. “When they later tell, they say that they are raped. Ultimately, it helps them that not, it harms them even.’

The French say that they never have had any form of sexual harassment. “And I thought that it was nice to hear that I was beautiful or a beautiful ass. That kind of compliments are nice.’

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Catherine Deneuve is a guy

Under the heading of #metoo and later Time’s Up accused of a lot of actresses, including film producers of sexual harassment and misconduct. In France is #balancetonporc the equivalent.

Last week expressed Bardots ex-colleague, actress Catherine Deneuve, along with 99 others in an open briefhun aversion against the ‘wave of puritanisme’ after the question about the cases Hollywoodproducent Harvey Weinstein. Deneuve offered later misbruikslachtoffers her to apologize. “Nothing in the text suggests that harassment is right,” said Deneuve afterwards. ‘Else I had not signed.’

In 1973, put Bardot after twenty years of a point behind her acting career. In that period, they have grown to become a world-famous sex symbol after films like And God Created Women, La Vérité and Le Mépris.

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