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Batshuayi scores but Chelsea win only resembled, thanks to penalty kick from Hazard

80dcd1f66c18e899276783440e2ee7d2 - Batshuayi scores but Chelsea win only resembled, thanks to penalty kick from Hazard

Chelsea punch through to the fourth round in the FA Cup but that was against resembled Norwich City, however, penalties are needed. Michy Batshuayi had The Blues, however, redeemed with the first goal after three games in a row that had ended 0-0, a clubrecord. By the 1-1-second half of the visitors in the 90th minute, there were even extensions at Stamford Bridge. It was, however, not scored, and so had to penalty kicks for the decision ensure. Caballero stopped the first team credentials and stay up in Norwich and then Hazard the decisive penalty kick within slammed: 5-4!

Michy Batshuayi is in the interest of clubs like Sevilla and Borussia Dortmund, but if in this replay after the 0-0 in Norwich even start to Chelsea, a tired Eden Hazard began together with the first striker Morata in addition to, among others, Charly Musonda on the bench. Thibaut Courtois got a day of rest, in goal he was replaced by Caballero.

By the traffic around Stamford Bridge and problems with public transport was the kick-off by 15 minutes delayed. Once the kick-off was given, took Chelsea right to the contest in the hands with a whopping 70% possession of the ball. That dominance resulted, however, not immediately in a vast amount of opportunities. Drinking water there was still the closest, but his blast splashed through the goalkeeper apart on the bar.

But that immense pressure on the ball allowed the home team to win, not continue to endure and also the visitors struck the crossbar through Nelson Oliveira, after Batshuayi the ball inadvertently at his feet, had played when he came to defend. Also had the Red Devil would also be difficult to be in the contest struggle with some difficult controls and dispossessions. Also, West Ham coach David Moyes was at Stamford Bridge for the Belgian striker to scout but saw that it could not convince in the first half.

The highlight for the rest was still delicious spot of Kennedy:

Batshuayi is the savior

But the great quality of Batshuayi is not the meevoetballen or fight for the ball, but score. And he did in the 55th minute, his first goal since October against Watford… “Batsman” was well placed on the first pole to a cross from Kennedy to tap: 1-0 and Chelsea finally got rid of that damn zero! That will be Moyes no doubt have noted…

Norwich came almost immediately at the same height when Caballero under the ball, but Chelsea came away very well. Yet had the people of london continue to struggle. The cannon of Drinking water was also not well adjusted, making it more exciting remained.

Ten minutes for affluiten had Basthuayi yet again to make way for Morata, although he could rest with the thought that he had done what is required of him: to score. Morata got an opportunity but headed the ball next.

Equalizer in 90th minute

Chelsea seemed to be in spite of a modest final offensive of the visitors are not more in the issues to come. The home team forced on the other hand the biggest opportunities but it showed again that it is oh so difficult to score… And that broke them still acid, as Jamal Lewis scored in the 90th minute for the equalizer: 1-1 and renewals!

Red twice for Chelsea

In which renewals had Hazard as the fourth change (which is what is allowed in the FA Cup) is still trotted out to, as the decision to force the issue. Chelsea carried immediately to the press but goalkeeper Angus Gunn was pal, and the first extension ended without a goal.

The home team claimed to have up to two times, a penalty kick but the ref is not on. And so it was mostly to Hazard looked to still the decision to force the issue. Morata got a good kopkans but again, it was Gunn on the right place. Chelsea ended the match with nine when Pedro and Morata (for diving) a second yellow card received. All the contentious phases fell in the downside of The Blues, something that undoubtedly will be nagekaart…


Scored there was, however, not and so had to penalty kicks for the decision ensure. Therein has appeared the Chelsea goalkeeper Caballero to matchwinnaar by immediately a penalty to tackle.

William, David Luiz, Azpilicueta and Kant lacked not, then Hazard the decisive team credentials and stay up for take over: 5-4 and still in the FA Cup!

In the next round, wait for Newcastle.

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