Are you as smart as Donald Trump?

f42bb6bba0d956e3745426d39133b9b3 - Are you as smart as Donald Trump?

Trump is ‘medically declared fit’ to be president of the United States, thanks to a score of 30 on 30 on the Montreal Cognitive Assessment. Discover here whether you that score can match.

Donald Trump has insisted on a cognitive test during the first medical test as president. And he had a perfect score, said the doctor of the White House, Ronny Jackson, Tuesday. In addition, the president should his eating habits improve, and more move.

Trumps cognition was tested by means of the Montreal Cognitive Assessment, a short test of cognitive damage collects. Trump was reportedly not a single error. Below, you can discover whether you succeed (a slightly leesbaardere version can be found here).

Montreal Cognitive Assessment by The Standard on Scribd

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