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UEFA report shows: Anderlecht gets most of the ‘profit’ from fans, Belgian clubs do good business in transfers

The European football body UEFA on Wednesday for its annual, ‘The European Club Footballing Landscape’ was published, a very thick report in which the UEFA a comprehensive state of affairs up of European football. The study showed that clubs never spend more on transfers than last summer. And Anderlecht is the Belgian team that will make the most ‘profit’ out of a fan.

European clubs spilzuchtiger than ever on the transfer market

In the summer of last year gave the European clubs a total of 5.6 billion euros on transfers. The five biggest leagues (Premier League, Primera Division, Ligue 1, Serie A and Bundesliga) are responsible for 80% of this sum.

Belgian teams make a profit of 56 million

Teams from the Jupiler Pro League gave 77 million, but earned 132 million. The Belgian teams came to a profit of 56 million. Only Portugal did with 231 million better.

The Belgian teams paid a total of 227 million to their players. Our country is therefore at the eleventh place. England (3.1 billion) executes, it is hardly surprising the state, Germany (1.35 billion) and Spain (1,43 billion). Also in Italy and France the top five finish, increase the wages above the billion.

Anderlecht gets most of the ‘profit’ from a fan

Anderlecht is the Belgian team that will make the most ‘profit’ out of a fan. Every supporter that a race of purple-and-white attend, provides, on average, 33,1 euro. Anderlecht is this in the European context, on the 26th place. Arsenal (97,8 euros), Chelsea (90,7), Real Madrid (73,8), Liverpool (73,5) and Bayern Munich (72,5) earn, on average, the most to a fan.

Eleven clubs were in season 2016-2017 more than a million fans on the floor. Barcelona (1.482.646 supporters) performs this arrangement, for Manchester United (1.430.510) and Dortmund (1.354.101). Real Madrid (1.319.094) and Bayern Munich (1.275.000) complete the top five. The Premier League is the league that most fans attracts, for the Bundesliga and the English second division (Championship).

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