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UCI president about Froome: “Dopingzaak must for the Giro to be quiet”

c68125924ee2084b71d8135196f0fe86 - UCI president about Froome: “Dopingzaak must for the Giro to be quiet”

The salbutamolaffaire of four-time tour winner Chris Froome must for the start of the Giro on may 4, resolved. That explained the new UCI president David Lappartient Wednesday in the Swiss newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung.

The Brit, who in september positive test in the Vuelta, should be responsible for UCI. Afterwards, the International Cycling union to respond with a possible suspension. “Froome is not a rider like any other”, let Lappartient recording the Swiss daily newspaper. “He has more money and more experts to involve themselves in his favor will speak. We can get the positive test, however, not just a table wipe. It is important to the case as soon as possible and at the same time the rights of the rider to ensure.”

“Froome will, however, be no special treatment”, referred Lappartient to the critique of Tony Martin. “We have that ready and made it clear to Tony.”

Further declared the Frenchman the fight against mechanical doping to strengthen. “We’re going in the future with x-ray work. I hope not, that there are motors in bikes used to be, but there are a lot of rumors and some of them sound very realistic. We must also intervene. If mechanical doping is so prevalent, is that to be a disaster for our sport.”

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