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Still something to hide? Russian athletes suddenly “sick” when doping control officers arrive

A whopping 36 Russian athletes who last weekend had to line up at a atletiektoernooi in the Siberian Irkoutsk refused in their match to start, when auditors of the Russian antidopingautoriteit (Rusada) arrived. Most of the athletes reported suddenly ill. That writes the Russian sports Wednesday.

The disciplinary commission of the Russian athletics federation (FRA) will investigate the case. “We will collect information about the athletes who have retired have”, leave the FRA in a communication know. “We will use the results to wait and see, and if necessary the appropriate penalties.”

Russia is the last few years in the center of a doping scandal. From the so-called McLaren-report of 2015 showed that there is a state-controlled doping system in the country has been systematically monitoring all the anti-doping rules has violated. Athletes would, with the consent of the Russian authorities, large-scale doping have taken in the run-up to especially the Winterpelen in Sochi in 2014.

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