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Snotter your flu way with Brooklyn

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A classic, yet strong film on the novel of the Irish meesterverteller Colm Tóibín or a violent thriller from Michael Mann. These are our tv tips.

1. Brooklyn

Vitaya 20.35-22.35 hours

Old-fashioned and melodramatic, but you can get your flu good wegsnotteren with this story about a young Irish girl that the large lake crosses, and alone in Brooklyn ends up. Saoirse Ronan (Hannah, The lovely bones) is a miracle of an actress.

2. Collateral

Q2 20.35-22.50 hours

We do not give love, but Tom Cruise runs a flawless course as a psychopathic assassin in this violent thriller from Michael Mann. Poor Jamie Foxx stands there and looks at it.

3. The man

One 20.35-21.25 hours

Saartje Vandendriessche takes part in the Eurojack Lumbergames, there competition for lumberjacks. The challenger is Sieg De Doncker, presenter by profession and a teacher of physical education training. As Saartje wins, we will eat our pruning saw.

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