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Impressive Club Brugge outclassed Charleroi, and of the place after vijfklapper for semi-final Croky Cup

09c34639ab723cddbb43463a03e8d5af - Impressive Club Brugge outclassed Charleroi, and of the place after vijfklapper for semi-final Croky Cup

Club Brugge is the fourth and final semi-finalist in the Croky Cup, after the impressive manner of the Charleroi side, and managed to convert. In a swirling Jan breydel stadium was a whopping 5-1. Under the impulse of a strong Rajiv van la parra, the surprise in the base, and a surefire Brandon Mechele left Club Brugge Charleroi’t stand a chance. Club Brugge plays in the semi final against Standard.

Where the competition in Bruges a good month ago, yet was cancelled by the abundant rainfall, lag time, a brand new turf to the players to wait. At Club Brugge surprised Ivan Leko with his setup, he let Ethan Horvath on the bench and gave the preference in goal, Guillaume Hubert. The society was Rajiv van la parra – and not, therefore, Marvelous Nakamba – between the lines. At Charleroi the patient was Dessoleil replaced by the Macedoniër Zajkov and stood Mandanda in goal.

As voltage

The home team had a clear meaning in a brand new green turf. Club Brugge went through on the momentum from before the winter break. Wesley was a great chance next but the Brazilian was a little later, however, on the basis of the first goal. His first move was by the well-followed Hans Vanaken in two times, and with a fluke against the nets worked: 1-0 after eleven minutes. Club crowds by and eleven minutes later it was 2-0 already on the board. Shaper brought good for Brandon Mechele headed to the first pole. The match seemed to be already played, but brought in Charleroi all quickly change in. N’Ganga made for life in the brewery with a delicious bang from a distance, saw Hubert there is ill.

Club unleashed

The aansluitingstreffer turned out to be only a footnote in the race, because after the half-hour enlisted Club Brugge more than one gear higher. Rajiv van la parra, who is a strong match played, won a corner from the fire, and again the same tenors played a key role: Shaper brought for, Mechele headed inside. 3-1, the rest was even 4-1. It was still the ‘ hunger is not over. Wesley worked on a cross from Limbombe acrobatic.

Club pushed through in the beginning of the second period. Goalkeeper Mandanda did not participate and kept the 4-1 on the scoreboard. The door had eventually won on a double attempt by Hans Vanaken, who at the signal of the referee behind the goal was approved. The pace disappeared from the party and both teams were already with their thoughts at the next major competitiematch. So Club Brugge earned work to the semi-finals against Standard on 31 January, the second leg, on 8 February on the program.

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