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Facebook allows for friends temporarily banned

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You know those pictures on Facebook that only photos of their pet, their so-called jetsetleven or eternal topper – newborn baby items. You have just completely had it with that kind of messages, you can now temporarily hide.

Facebook has of course been solutions to certain contacts and to silence. The most drastic is ” unfrienden’, but that’s what you do, of course, only if you really no longer wants to be with that person. With the option ‘do Not track’ will you stay just friends, you only get no messages of the other person more to see. This method is much milder, although you run the risk that you the person gradually completely lost to sight.

Facebook introduced recently, therefore, a more temporary way to get people to ‘unfollow’. With this Snooze function you can someone’s messages for a period of thirty days dropout, then the posts will resume automatically. The other person notices here, incidentally, nothing at all, though he/she may be wondering why you no longer respond.

To use the new feature to activate, you simply click on the three dots above the Facebook message. Choose in the drop-down menu next to ” Snooze (contact name) for 30 days.”

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