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F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton makes a comeback on social media

531e16caeabbafc4370768bb505ec955 - F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton makes a comeback on social media

Lewis Hamilton has once again posted anything on his Instagram. Up until a few weeks ago that would be nothing wereldschokkends have been but the British F1 world champion, in recent weeks the social media has disappeared.

The four-time world champion in Formula 1 came in a media storm right after he on Instagram a video online had posted in which he said, gave to his nephew, who, in a prinsessenjurk was. “Boys do not wear prinsessenjurken” sneered Hamilton to his nephew, and he both on social media as well as in various newspapers a lot of criticism was given.

The Brit responded by his apology to express via twitter but a few days later disappeared all of his posts on Instagram. Then disappeared also systematically all his messages on Twitter.

Lewis Hamilton yesterday, however, again become active in the social media and thus seems to be out of a hibernation to be awakened. The Brit posted a photo of himself on top of a mountain with a snowboard on which strategically placed logo to see. Shortly afterwards, Hamilton, a second post on Instagram in which he is a sponsor IWC congratulated. On Tuesday, overall he is still the sponsorevent of IWC in Geneva. A spokesman for Mercedes did when knowing that Hamilton was not feeling well and was not able to go to Switzerland to travel.

Hamilton is globally one of the most followed athletes on social media. The Brit has on Instagram 5.7 million followers on Twitter and 5.2 million followers and on Facebook with 4.1 million likes. Are often not only personal posts to see it too but they also often have messages which Hamilton sponsors in the spotlight.

With many millions of followers of social media are also a nice source of extra income for the Brit, it was then also written in the stars that Hamilton sooner or later again active on the social media.

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