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Everton gets again big star with Theo Walcott of Arsenal: “I want to win”

Attacker Theo Walcott (28) leave Arsenal, where he has 108 goals made, and he moves to Everton. That have the ‘Toffees’ on their website confirmed. The English international draw for three and a half years. According to English media cost over 22 million euros.

“I want the club to a next level, and help,” says Walcott in a first reaction on the site of Everton. “This feels like the right place for me, and I am impatient for a new chapter to begin. It is a club with a rich history and the fans are passionate. I found it always difficult to here to visit.”

Walcott has the even about prices deal with his new club. “The manager is very hungry and ambitious and that is exactly what I need. I want to win.” The attacker came less than 399 times in action for Arsenal, and was except for 108 goals also good for 78 assists. This season if Walcott is not starting in the Premier League.

Manager Sam Allardyce has after Cenk Tosun, who happened to Besiktas, his second great wintertransfer bite. “He has a lot of experience, also in the Champions League and in the battle for a ticket for the Champions League. He showed a lot of ambition for his career here re-launch.”

Everton is currently ninth with 27 points.

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