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Brussels has its own international film festival

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Brussels gets from 20 to 30 June, its first international film festival. Eleven days want to the organisers of the Brussels International Film Festival (BRIFF), the general public and the professionals together around the Belgian and international film.

The capital of Europe will be that way as the capital of the movie and it organises the BRIFF different filmcompetities and additional events in the wake of the festival.

With Flagey, UGC De Brouckère, Brussels, Les Galeries, and Pathé Palace is open almost all the major theatres of Brussels their doors to the many movies and competitions. Thus, there is a national competition for the quality and diversity of the Belgian film showing, a European competition that in the character of the discovery state and an international competition that future smashes such select.

James Bond in Brussels?

The BRIFF will be not only the films in the spotlight, but also the entire film industry and the public. Throughout the film, there is also place for master classes, gala dinners, retrospectives and meetings in the two large tents at Flagey and De Brouckère. And who likes to see a movie in the open air will be at the mont des arts.

As the capital of Europe will be hoping for Brussels this a bit more on the international filmradar. ‘We don’t see enough of Brussels in the movies, as we well always have Paris or Rome recognize, tell Brussels alderman of Culture Karine Lalieux. “Why not the new James Bond film opening with a scene under the Atomium?’

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