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Wout Van Aert wins anyway, his third PA in a row after unexpectedly exciting fight

45c07a61253bd4cb82b0c53330e841f6 - Wout Van Aert wins anyway, his third PA in a row after unexpectedly exciting fight

Wout van Aert is in Koksijde, yet for the third time in a row, the Belgian champion cyclo-cross. Still, it was far from a onemanshow of the well-liked. On the contrary, a strong Laurens Sweeck made it to the air base in Koksijde for a long time an exciting duel. At two laps from the end forced the world champion, however, the decision, Sweeck was cleverly second.

Fifteen second places counted Wout van Aert (Crelan-Charles) this season already, but the Belgian championships in Koksijde was a bogeyman Mathieu van der Poel there logically, and so was the reigning world champion and Belgian winner of the towering well-liked. By a helicopter on the air base, he was still almost late to the start but eventually he was able to just take a seat on the first row.

Doomsday only just avoided

On the trail of the dune cyclo-cross in Koksijde popped up Toon Aerts first field in Laurens Sweeck soon took over. On the first real dune reed Of Aert, however, if only to up and blasted the world champion of the rest straight away from the wheel. The doomsday for a boring championship seemed after only four minutes to unfold, but luckily zandcross always unpredictable. Because when Van Aert a few moments later, she rode in the sand, was Laurens Sweeck again aanpikken to the leader.

The contest was so immediately into the decisive move: it would go between Van Aert and Sweeck for the Belgian colours, team mates Show Aerts and Daan Soete had the role to solve and would, only with a surprising Jens Adams will compete for the third place on the podium.

Sweeck certainly not the lesser in the sand

In the sand was Sweeck certainly not the lesser of van Aert and he made an impression on the dunes. Van Aert rode the most with the lead, but Sweeck seemed to be located on the technical documents need to include. He wanted the work not on the punch, and so increased the two systematically to their advantage. Halfway through the race followed Aerts as the first pursuer is already at more than fifteen seconds.

The public like or pet, and got an unexpectedly exciting duel. With four laps to go took the man of the Era-Circus in the front even the lead.

Cartouche of Sweeck

On the sloping strip of sand where Van Aert whenever the lesser seemed, pulled Sweeck a first time significantly and immediately, he smote a sore. With his technique he forced Van Aert with his power to the utmost but the world champion panikeerde not and could at the start of the next round yet again to connect. And was Sweeck a cartouche lost.

Van Aert also realized that he Sweeck no foot space that was on the technical stretches of sand and reed from a tactically strong race.

Decisive demarrage

At two laps from the end drew Of Aert in turn sharply on a slope. And had Sweeck a hole. When Sweeck also a little later foot to land had to put in the sand, was the bird still fly. The spring was broken at Sweeck, that flaws started to make it while the world champion his second wind found, and straight away took.

He has had to fight but as soon as he Sweeck was delivered, steams Of Aert significantly. At the start of the last round had he even been half a minute ahead of his closest pursuer. Van Aert was even a small hitch and a genuflection to afford in the final lap. The line, he kept the wide smile and the show for the audience. He spread out on the measure of his wings, a beautiful reference to his new sponsor Red Bull…

Van Aert also wrote the previous two years, in Lille and Ostend, the Belgian championship to his name.

Applause for the second

Sweeck was loud applause in second place at 40 seconds, Daan Soete knocked eventually teammate Aerts and was third on the stage. Vincent Baestaens was Belgian champion elite without contract: the villager of Sven Nys and Niels Albert took it for Bram Merlier.

Relive here the unexpectedly exciting BK from start to finish!


1. Wout van Aert

2. Laurens Sweeck

3. Daan Soete

4. Toon Aerts

5. Jens Adams

6. Michael Vanthourenhout

7. Tim Merlier

8. Kevin Pauwels

9. Wietse Bosmans

10. Quinten Hermans

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Hall of fame:

2008 (Hofstade): Sven Nys

2009 (Ruddervoorde): Sven Nys

2010 (Oostmalle): Sven Nys

2011 (Antwerp): Niels Albert

2012 (Hooglede-Gits): Sven Nys

2013 (Mol): Klaas At

2014 (Waregem): Sven Nys

2015 (Erpe-Mere): Klaas At

2016 (Lille): Wout van Aert

2017 (Ostend): Wout van Aert

2018 (Koksijde): Wout van Aert

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