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‘World champion Justin Gatlin embroiled in new scandal’

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The looks may not be good for Justin Gatlin. The world champion on the 100 metres is embroiled in a fresh doping scandal, which was revealed by the British newspaper The Telegraph. Figures from his entourage would have prohibited funds for the U.S. smuggling under a false name.

Gatlin ran during his career, twice against the dopinglamp and was both in 2001 and in 2006 are suspended. Last summer was the American sprinter in the 100 metres faster than Usain Bolt at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS of athletics in London, when the Jamaican his last race ran. Gatlin was then told by the public, which is extracted with booing for the dopingzondaar.

Now Gatlin so again, a dopingonderzoek to his pants. The Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) the allegations. In addition, Gatlin coach Dennis Mitchell and manager Robert Wagner the subject of the research. ‘These allegations are very serious and I know that the AIU in the soil will figure out, ” says IAAF president Lord Coe.


The Telegraph claims that Mitchell and Wagner for prescriptions under a false name would make and the use of prohibited substances, to America, would smuggle. That came to light when a journalist from the paper, undercover to the camp of Gatlin in Florida visited. Both men would testosterone and hormones have to offer for an actor of a film about athletics, the pretext of the journalist.

The products they might get from a doctor from Austria. Cost: $ 250,000. In addition, Mitchell and Wagner secretly recorded when she explained how positive doping tests can be avoided and that the use of doping is still widespread in the athletics. In addition, they also said Gatlin still banned substances, a assertion that the sprinter formally denies.

Gatlin would be his coach (Mitchell) fired and have his lawyers came up with a series of doping tests that need to prove that the American for five years not tested positive. The manager of the sprinter, Renaldo Nehemiah, said that Gatlin was not present during the conversations between Wagner and Mitchell, and that Gatlin not more than two or three times has worked with Wagner.

Though that last immediately under the table swept… by Gatlin itself. That would be during the undercover sting operation have said that Wagner is already five years ‘race track’-manager is because that a lot of contacts.

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