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Wilfred Genee named Dom Bontje

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Wilfred Genee has the unfortunate title Dom Bontje 2017 in the wait dragged. The Football Inside-presenter won for, among others, princess Beatrix, Ronnie Flex and Bastiaan van Schaik.

Wilfred Genee received the prize by wearing a jacket with a collar of vossenbont during a voetbalinterview. Wilfred was not aware of the fur collar. “It Was vossenbont? I didn’t know that. I have the coat of a sponsor gotten, I’ve never worn”, he reacts in the News. The presenter fears for a response from colleagues and animal lover Johan Derksen. “It’ll definitely be a while.”


Wilfred is going to be able to better focus on what he is wearing. “I think it’s stupid of myself, it should not happen again. Stupid of you Wilfred, shame!”, thus, the 50-year-old presenter.

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