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Who is the new Miss Belgium Angeline Flor Pua?

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A Cinderella story. As late as the route of the new Miss Belgium Angeline Flor Pua is best described.

Angeline Flor Pua is the daughter of Filipino parents who meet each other in Belgium got to know. She follows a training to become a pilot in civil aviation – as the only woman in a class of eight to the BAFA Flight Academy and will need 100,000 euros to pay.

“And I carry that cost alone. I come from a simple family. Daddy and mama were from the beginning understood that I supported, but that money is not on the table could put. So I went for a loan with the bank, a special pilotenlening, to that amount, in ten years time to pay it back. Therefore, I combine multiple jobs.’


March 22, survived

Angel Pua has at Decathlon, but also as a washer-up and in operation at The Green Hunter in Brasschaat and if administrative power at its pilot school.

“I have a lot of time at the airport of Zaventem worked as ongoing information booth for travelers. On march 22, 2016, I was at work. I was on the same floor where the bombs have exploded, but fortunately not very close. I saw that a lot of people in panic were injured on the ground. One woman wanted her baby to safety, and threw it into a panic about the veiligheidspoortjes. That are images that you never forget.’

They know what it is to struggle. And with the same eagerness she collapsed on the Miss Belgium-election. “My title will now take priority over my other projects. I want to be a good ambassador for our country. In the spirit of Nelson Mandela, my hero. With attention for people who are less fortunate. I give all my life to charity, in the fight for education for everyone and equal rights.’

Bad luck for the men who like to have their chance would car with Angeline, by the way. “I was single, but I am since a while on dating.’

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