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Welles-nietesspelletje between Lotto Soudal and UCI on case around Bjorg Lambrecht: team hits back via Twitter

cc58655da0fedc5be523cc441457a2af - Welles-nietesspelletje between Lotto Soudal and UCI on case around Bjorg Lambrecht: team hits back via Twitter

The International Cycling union (UCI) has, in an official communication addressed the issue surrounding Bjorg Lambrecht. The neo pro of the Lotto Soudal was not allowed to start in the Tour down Under, an administrative matter. Lotto Soudal pointed with the finger to the UCI, but Cycling does now, in its turn, the reverse is true.

“To have a fair competition to guarantee at World Tour-level calls to the UCI to all the riders that are in the league come out that they are subject to the Biological Passport program run by the Cycling Anti-Doping Foundation (CADF) is headed”, says in a statement. “To this end, the UCI appeal on Article 2.1.005 of the regulations. That suggests that neoprofs at least six weeks (42 days) before the start of their first WorldTour race, their whereabouts should have completed.”

Since that’s now the problem. Lotto Soudal believes that Lambrecht to leave his login and got the UCI. “Bjorg was not until on 15 december a login with the message that he from the 17th of december (30 days before the start of Tour Down Under) accommodation data had to pass to be able to start in Tour Down Under. A contradiction with the regulations”, it sounded Monday with the team in a press release.

But the UCI points now, in her turn, Lotto Soudal, with the finger. “The CADF received only on 11 december the report of the team to a neo pro Bjorg Lambrecht to register for season 2018. Lotto Soudal had all of the period of six weeks exceeded for the Tour down Under. That deadline was 5 december”, it sounds delicate. “Article 2.1.005 of the UCI regulations is already in force since 2009”, it goes still further in the communication, “and has since been consistently applied and complied with by the UCI WorldTeams and UCI Professional Continental teams.”

Lotto Soudal responds

Lotto Soudal via Twitter responded to the assertion of the International Cycling union (UCI) that team to leave would be reported that neo pro Bjorg Lambrecht would rates in 2018 for the team.

“It is an incorrect assertion that the UCI sets about Bjorg Lambrecht”, it sounds on Twitter. “Lotto Soudal has his full team for 2018 already listed and confirmed by email on 2 november to the CADF and not 11 december as the UCI says in its communication.”

Lotto Soudal substantiate this with two documents: the mail and list the team sent out on 2 november. Undoubtedly it is one of the last word has not yet fallen, but is it too late for Lambrecht that Tuesday morning could not start in the Tour Down Under where he was already present.

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