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Waregemse men and vrouwenbasketbalclub merge

Mannenbasketbalclub BM Waregem merged the following season with the team DS Waregem. That the chairmen of the two clubs, Kristof But (men) and Kaat Lammens (women), published.

Both teams are operating at a high level. BM Waregem comes out in the Top Division One, the second highest level in Belgium. DS Waregem has been playing for 28 years in the highest division and crowned himself three times to the Belgian champion. Last October, DS was still known that the next season from the Top Division would retreat, because it does not have the financial resources to continue at the highest level.

On January 17, will both parties at a press conference, more details about the merger. The new Waregemse team hopes to be one of the biggest clubs in the spacious region, with more than 250 youth players.

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