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Wahlberg gives a controversial $ 1.5 million to the Time’s Up

871b4ef3e93723dd2932902abd0b6e46 - Wahlberg gives a controversial $ 1.5 million to the Time's Up

The one and a half million that actor Mark Wahlberg was given for the additional shooting of the film ‘All the money in the world will he in the name of his tegenspeelster Michelle Williams make a donation to Time’s Up. Earlier this week was a fuss because they are less than $ 1,000 were paid.

After the decision to have Kevin Spacey from the movie to be deleted by allegations of sexual assault and pedophilia, had director Ridley Scott a few scenes to re-record. The cast agreed to that is virtually free to do so, at their expense, but actor Mark Wahlberg did not make $ 1.5 million from the fire to drag for the extra work.

After the hoopla that has emerged as a consequence, the actor decided to give the full amount to donate to the fund from Time’s Up, that legal aid wants to offer to women who are at work are faced with sexual assault, harassment and inequality.

‘The past few days is my refund for the extra pictures an important topic of discussion’, it sounds in a statement that Wahlberg the world have submitted. “I stand fully behind the fight for equal pay and donate, therefore, the amount of $ 1.5 million in the name of Michelle Williams-Time’s Up.’

‘Effort should be from both sides to come”

Also William Morris Endeavor – the agency that both stars represent – will be coin in the bag to do, and a further one and a half million dollars to donate to the fund.

Williams is grateful for that gesture. “If we truly dream of an equal world, then there must be of both sides as much sacrifice and effort,” she wrote in response to the decision of Wahlberg. She thanked also Anthony Rapp, the man who Spacey as the first accused, for his courage to step forward.

Time’s Up was on January 1, launched by a 300 topvrouwen in Hollywood, including actresses Eva Longoria and Reese Witherspoon, Meryl Streep and producer Shonda Rhimes. The action stems from the ever-expanding scandal that began with the case of Weinstein, but focus the eyes wider than the world of film, tv and theatre.

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