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Trump: still awesome, or not so great?

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There remains in the voters, and fans of Donald Trump, yet something of that hope, now the president more and more political and diplomatic bridges burned? A team from the BBC went to ” his ” states of Michigan, Wyoming, Texas and Florida, and referred to the voters.


Four, 20.35-23.15 hours

Director Christopher Nolan reanimeerde the old Batman series with this film, that harks back to the time when the feathered superhero no superhero was. Christian Bale is a great Batman.


Canvas, 21.15-22.05 hours

Second episode of the reportagereeks which Maarten Vangramberen sporting world records and their holders in a scientific way against the light. This week the world record for the discus throw Jürgen Schult, already 32 years old endures.


BBC1, 21.30-22.00 hours

The BBC program Panorama monitors in the united states to the sentiment (or resentment) of people that a year ago for Donald Trump, have voted. They find him still awesome, or not so great?


Q2, 20.35-22.30 hrs

If you don’t feel uneasy, has no hague. A British soldier becomes isolated from his company and gets caught in an IRA controlled area of Belfast. The consequences are anyone’s guess. Mighty’s debut film (2014) Yann Demange.

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