This Dutch films will soon be available in the bios

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Bilal Wahib and Ghalia Takriti in the Dutch film Brethren.

Between the huge amount of movies in the first quarter of 2018 come sit remarkably many Dutch productions. These five jump the most in the eye.

Language say but really my thing
Premiere: 18 January
Director: Barbara Bredero
With: Fockeline Ouwerkerk, Egbert Jan Weeber and ‘ Tarikh Janssen

By huge bestseller (which consisted of loose columns) of Paulien Cornelisse-inspired film about the clumsy Anne (Ouwerkerk), who have a passion for language, but when the glossy magazine where she works only about for spring / summer, and quinoa salads should write. Luckily, she can her frustration well share it with her colleague and best friend Timo (Weeber). If they are for her father, she decides that they are completely different wants; get a job with more depth, away from the daily grind and the love of her life. We expect a kind of Dutch Bridget Jones.

Premiere: February 15,
Director: Hanro Smitsman
With: Achmed Akkabi, Walid Benmbarek and Bilal Wahib

By great movies such as Skin, to The Point and Dusk are we, become a fan of Hanro Smitsman and we are curious to see what he has made of Brothers, a story about the brothers Hassan and Mourad who travel to Syria to their youngest brother, Ysin to search. While its track through a war zone to try to follow, they get involved in the Syrian civil war.

Crazy of Orange
Premiere: February 15,
Director: Pim van Hoeve
With: Hannah Hoekstra, Nasrdin Char, Abbey Hoes and Ton Kas

Summer ensemble comedy that plays during the 2010 world cup in South Africa where the Dutch team reached the finals. It was a feast for football lovers and a nightmare for those who have nothing to do with the most popular sport of the country. To this last category are Charlie and Adam, who meet each other during the matches of the Netherlands encounter in an abandoned laundromat. With a bit of luck makes Crazy of Orange for a kind of surrogate Orange-feeling in the run up to the Orange-less world cup in Russia next summer.

The Wild City
Premiere: march 1,
Director: Mark Verkerk
With: among others, herons, coots, rats, crows, seagulls and Locals.

After The New Wilderness (Golden Calf award in 2013) and Holland-Nature in the Delta (Golden Film in 2015) director Mark Verkerk and his team once again made a film about the nature in the Netherlands. Amsterdam is the stage of an expedition to the deep and often humorous relationship between human and animal. The forge and the blue heron, the avant-garde artist and the stadsrat and loitering in Amsterdam-West and a gang of noisy crows.

Banker of the Resistance
Premiere: 8 march
Director: Joram Lürsen
With: Barry Atsma, Pierre Bokma and Jacob Derwig

Filming of the true-life and relatively unknown story of one of the largest Dutch resistance heroes. Banker Walraven van Hall (Atsma) remember in the Second world War, together with his brother Gijs van Hall, a risky construction to large loans that the opposition can be financed. How the larger the operation gets, the more people know about. Every day increases the chance that someone that one mistake that can stop the deeds and the life of the banker of the resistance.

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