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Think back to second place in EuroMillions Volley League

99c0b4fd40f657093f7d5e214f7d6191 - Think back to second place in EuroMillions Volley League

In the first match of the new year in the EuroMillions Volley League Believe Friday with 1-3 (19-25, 20-25, 25-20, 20-25) won in Ghent.

It seemed a long time to see that the West-Flemish the job done faster would be able to get it done, but when they got there, the home team is a baton for the third set handsome suits. Especially the Gent opposite, Jente De Vries scored a smooth 24 points). He did better than his colleague on the other side of the net, Julien Winkelmuller (17), the top goalscorer of the league.

The three points bring about Believe – for at least two days – in addition to Cooperating on the second place; in Ghent is on the penultimate place. Saturday there is only one duel with Roeselare-Amigos Zoersel. Sunday received the Walloon teams, Guibertin and Borgworm, respectively Aalst and Maaseik.


VDK Gent – Menen 1-3 (match results: 19-25; 20-25; 25-20; 20-25)

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