The Bridge: the end of Saga

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Saga Norèn (Sofia Helin) and her Danish colleague, Henrik Sabroe (la thure site Lindhardt) on the Sontbrug between Denmark and Sweden./Photo: Karl Nordlund

Sofia Helin (45) plays for the last time, the role of the detective Saga Norén in the fourth season of the bewierookte seriemoordenaarsserie The Bridge.

The Swedish actress from The Bridge beeps in between two interviews by a break for ten minutes on the bed to lie down in her hotel room. The promotional tour along European cities full of interviews and appearances in tv talk shows begins to take its toll. “As lie does me good,” she says happily after them on the ground floor of the hotel appeared.

That this is her last season, The Bridge was – the creators are still not sure if the departure of Helin is also the end of the series means – is her own choice and she is not sad that her role in the popular Swedish-Danish detectiveserie now is played out. “This is a good time to note: The Bridge is more popular than ever and no better time to stop than at the peak. In addition, every time a test of strength. This time we were seven months, but we have sometimes eight or nine months to a season. The only thing I am really going to miss the cast and crew that I so many years fine have worked.”


It runs in the new season of The Bridge all about identity, a theme that Helin really appeals. “There are interesting questions along as who is allowed to enter the country and who is not? Who is good and who is bad? We live in a dramatic time and that are things that people are concerned about. The time when people entertained want to be without having to think about it is over. I think not, incidentally, that we have a series can change the world. Small things can change though. By Saga I for example, think differently about people who are not able to social behavior and to communicate. In the past because I’m death, because I did not understand.”


There are two things that can make sure that you learn something after the consumption of a book or series, think Helin. “If I have a book very well find inspires me to new thoughts, or I feel it seen and recognized, and so less alone. That last one is what lovers of The Bridge also often have. Saga and her colleague, Henrik is struggling with loneliness, just like a lot of people in real life.”

Red Light District

Except as her role as the amazing and at the same time, unworldly detective Saga Norèn in The Bridge is Helin also known from her great role in social debate on issues such as equal rights for women, #MeToo and prostitution. Now that she is in Amsterdam she wants to be like her opinion about the red light district vent. That is her a thorn in the eye. “I think that it is far below our human dignity, and there are only bad reasons for it. Someone sent me it on Instagram a message in which he suggests that there are very few rapes take place in the Netherlands because you are here for fifty euros to the prostitutes. I have it picked out and it is crap. Indeed, the Netherlands is what rape is concerned above the EU average. According to me, there is no reason for people like utensil to use. It has to stop. The first time I talk about this, I thought that a lot of people about it and that you ‘simply’ forgot to do something. But I got a lot of angry responses, of which ‘interfere with your own affairs, ” the friendliest. If that window prostitution is so okay, why does every man I strive to ask that he never been with a prostitute? It is not true. I I just saw somewhere a map of Amsterdam on the wall in which was indicated where the Konkinklijk Palace, the taxi rank and where the prostitutes are to be found. That’s absurd!”

After the lively conversation, flash the Swedish in the direction of lift to be re-energized for the day to arrive at the next interview with a Dutch reporter. For tonight, there are also a premiere and a talk show on the program.

The fourth season of The Bridge is since this week to see on

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