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The 10 best series in 2017

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2017 was a great year for fans of the series. We put the top 10 (according to us) for you below.

1. The handmaid’s tale (Video)
The handmaid’s tale is wonderful, exciting, overwhelming, unsettling. The story seems far-fetched, until it becomes clear how it all happened. Then comes over you an unpleasant feeling. Would something like that really is not reality? Ai. In The handsmaid’s tale has a Christian fundamentalist group the American government overthrown and most women are only good as a incubator. We see the sad fate of one of those women. June (a fantastic Elisabeth Moss) is renamed as Offred (owned by Fred), and, through a bizarre mating ritual, pregnant see to hit for the senior, Fred and his wife Serena. It sounds terrible and it is. But irresistible terribly. Go check it out!

2. Game of Thrones (HBO)
It was a long wait for the seventh season. And when HBO finally over the bridge came, turned out to be the most successful series of recent years, occasionally even painfully slow. But if something happened, then it was great and compelling. Jon Snow with a bunch of friends an army of white walkers to tackle. The spectacle was not of the air. The dragons of Daenerys came fully into action, Jamie was almost dead en if the dessert had Jon and Daenerys having sex. The whole season was a big party! That just makes it more onverteerbaarder that 2018 is a whole Game of thrones-less year is going to be.

3. Fargo (Netflix)
Fargo 1 was fantastic, Fargo 2 was mwah, and the Fargo 3 is again fantastic. With a double starring role for Ewan McGregor as the brothers, Ray and Emmet. The brothers are all not so crazy about each other, but when mafia boss Vargas on the scene appears, everything runs in the hundred. The show is stolen by the bold, irresistible, and slightly poor Nikki Swango (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), the girlfriend of Ray (and now in the real Ewan McGregor).

4. The secret diary of Hendrik Groen (MAX)
Fortunately, there is also a Dutch series, in this list. A bestseller in a good tv series to translate is especially tricky, but The secret diary of Hendrik Groen is a triumph. The cast o.a. Kees Hulst and Olga south side, that of trying to make it in a nursing home in Amsterdam-North is great, and André van Duin is an absolute revelation in a serious role. And also handsome: Henry Green is not only fun for the older people, but for everyone.

5. Godless (Netflix)
A good western is never lost, certainly not as the starring role of villain is played by the brilliant Jeff Daniels. Add to that a handsome gunslinger, a lonely widow, and a city full of spirited women, and you’ve got a delicious series.

6. Ozark (Netflix)
Sentence in a hellish roller coaster ride? Is Ozark the series for you. In an episode of Ozark happens more than in a whole season of another series. Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman) knew money white for a Colombian drug cartel. That is a dangerous occupation, it is clear when his business partner is murdered because he money back has printed. Marty should his loyalty be proved by an impossible amount of money laundering. Before he moved with his family to the village of Ozark in Missouri, and there, he not only has to do with the drug cartel but also with the local mafia. After 1 season of this series, you as a viewer is so exhausted that a week’s holiday to guess.

7. Mindhunter (Netflix)
Not a series that you take in in a weekend bingewatched it is all a tad too dark for. The serial killers, some of whom even scarier and more violent than the other, flying around the ears. Mindhunter is, in fact, about two FBI agents who, in the seventies, serial killers to interviewing in an attempt to their way of thinking to understand their behavior to predict, and other murder cases to solve. That provides fascinating and creepy images.

8. American Vandal (Netflix)
Everything in this Netflix culthit about piemels. 27 piemels that on an otherwise unremarkable afternoon at the cars of all teachers of high school Hanover High to be sprayed. The culprit is Dylan Maxwell. That must be, because Dylan is a rotjoch that teachers pest, not too brainy, and always and everywhere piemels draw. Thus begins the funny true crime-parody American Vandal. And then, there is still a message hidden well.

9. Riverdale (Netflix)
A tienerserie of course, but also easy to digest for people who are older than 17. If it was only because of all the familiar faces from Beverly Hills 90210, Twin peaks and Gossip girl passing by. Riverdale is wonderfully campy, fantastic, pointed dialogue and a few insane absurdist characters.

10. The Crown (Netflix)
Last year hit the first season of The crown in like a bomb and the second season does not, fortunately, a lot of under for that series. Poor Elizabeth gets this time to make a vreemdgaande, nagging spouse, a sister who doesn’t know how to live with it, and a government that is a mess it makes. The images are beautiful again. Fortunately, there are still 80 episodes to go.

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