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Temptation Island Alex as possible, the bake in

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Temptation Island-seducer Alex Maas is a term of imprisonment above the head. The seducer may be sentenced for the beating of a man during a night out.

In the night of 2 on 3 march 2017 and ran a evening out with the gepierde seducer completely out of hand. Alex to 02:30 hours with his Band-friends for a shoarma café have searched in the Flemish Roeselare. All the shoarma cafés were all closed, and the retractor muscle can was furious.

Broken ribs

Alex (27) would later to the car keys asked of the 25-year-old victim, but he refused. The action led to a scuffle, in which Alex the injured party against the ground worked. The victim had two broken ribs.


According to The Newspaper demanding the public prosecutor to four months in prison and a fine of 400 euro. “Images of earlier that evening in the café, it turns out that he was aggressive. He has a fierce little temper. This is also apparent from these facts.” On 7 February, following the decision of the court.

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