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Sven Nys enjoy, but in perspective: “Not better than anyone else, but Thibau did it today perfect

Papa Sven Nys remained with the feet on the ground after the Belgian title to his son Thibau. “I am convinced that there are two, three men are equivalent in terms of physically, but Thibau drove today is quite wise and did it perfectly. This is a snapshot, but it’s very fun to determine, ” she said.

‘Thibau has today very wisely driven. He kept everyone under pressure, and played his technique well. However, I am convinced that there are two, three-man and his counterpart are on the physical plane, but everything must come together on such a Belgian championship, ” says an expert, Sven Nys. “You need to be with the press can handle, the technique to good use, forces dosing, … and that did Thibau today perfectly. This is of course a snapshot, but it is nice to determine.’

“This was as ne Nys rates, bangelijk’

For the start got Thibau Nys, the board of papa Sven: “Let’s see that ge nen real Nys art!’ A council that the 15-year-old Thibau was not in the wind hit.


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