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Suske & Wiske in Flemish hands

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WPG Belgium has torn loose of the Dutch parent company. The new publishing house will henceforth, by the Publisher called.

The incorporation of WPG Belgium, Suske & Wiske, The Kiekeboes and the books of Jeroen Meus spending, is a fact. A group of Flemish entrepreneurs, on the educational leg after all these activities in our country from the Dutch, WPG Publishers.

At that founders Jeroen Overstijns, the ceo of WPG Belgium, Koen Clement, who until 2016 the parent company WPG Publishers led, entrepreneur Pieter Lambrecht, and also Maurits Lemmens and Raf Supplem, who together with Ben Crabbé from the production People have created. The production company, the tv program’s Blocks and Travel Waes, and for the company to remain completely separated, though the two companies are, of course, more work.

Honor and innovate

The publisher will also get a (not so) new name: Standaard Uitgeverij. So the company was named for the Dutch WPG was acquired. After the acquisition was the imprint which the strips appeared. Also the other funds go to by the Publisher: Manteau, Eyeball, M Books, Davidsfonds Uitgeverij, the recently launched stripfonds Matsuoka and the new imprint Angèle.

‘We can get a private course with our Flemish heroes from Flanders, where they belong. In an independent publishing house, independent of the Dutch dome’, let Overstijns know. “Our strategy is simple. Honor and innovate the tradition.’
The new house will continue to work with the Dutch WPG and will be authors of The Busy bee and AW Bruna in Flanders represent.

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