Surprising vloggers: priest, monkey and Bertie

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Vloggende farmer, Bertie./ANP

Farmer Bertie is a year long vloggen. “Not as many people about my wonderful life’, says the sober Zeeland, ‘but about my company. In addition to all the hip foodblogs missed the anti-heroine tv star was still a ‘boerenblog’, and that she will now take care of. Bertie is not the first unlikely vlogger.


For example, what to think of the YouTube channel ‘I am the grandmother of the now 91-year-old Marie Verhagen from Brabant, gemonde was. With her vlogs, made by his grandson Martijn, scored thousands of views. Just the intro on her channel is gold. “Welcome to this channel. I am a grandmother. I’m ninety years, and vlogger. Come a time for me rikken or jokeren? Houdoe.’ In one of the vlogs she’s going for the first time to fly. How they found it, asked her grandson later. ‘Ge is in the clouds, ge white’s nothing’, replied grandma. You find: some knowledge of Brabant dialects is not a handicap when you have this high-spirited elderly want to follow.

Stock boy

In Happy with Sjoerd van Appie Today, the YouTube channel of Albert Heijn, vlogt Sjoerd, a stock boy with the Down syndrome, all 26 episodes long about his work and life. The wildly enthusiastic young man goes on the road with his great hero, Freek Vonk, celebrates exuberant christmas and Halloween, get in roller coasters and jump out of planes. And that all things are equally enthusiastic. Sjoerd is hugely popular: some episodes are already a quarter million views.

Father Roderick

The Amersfoort priest Roderick Vonhögen causes a stir with his vlogs about fairy tales, games and superheroes. The spiritual visit often events where visitors dressed up as elves and trolls walking around and was in the last few weeks, especially for his enthusiasm about the new Star Wars film, with its almost 14,000 followers to share. Vonhögen often draws parallels between the bible and the world of games and fantasy. “The task of a priest is to people outside the church to reach. I see little difference between a pulpit and a vlog, ” says the self-proclaimed mediapriester.

My first Sony

Just when you think that the most use can encounter your on a vloggende monkey named Marria. The chimpanzee was from a house in Portugal saved her owners her as a kind of son of man, treated and ended up with Stichting AAP, where they have a path ‘to back aap to be’. Her progress has been since april of last year to follow her through her vlog MONKEY vlogt. We see how Marria with a hug, plays in which a camera is hidden, how they are introduced to another chimpanzee called Sony (that episode is called My first Sony) and that they bonje has with its neighbors.

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