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Start with four cars next to each other? F1 bosses want to experiment with starting grid

23af29a0c06810da3f86b5c932b0aa3b - Start with four cars next to each other? F1 bosses want to experiment with starting grid

The bosses of the Formula 1 want other opportunities to view the cars on the starting grid, says former technical director at Williams Pat Symonds.

Today, Symonds is part of a group of specialists who sporting director of the F1 Ross Brawn to assist in the vision of the future of the sport. The Brit tells us that the virtual world of esports is excellent would lend to such experiments, and to weigh whether or not they are enforceable. So he wants disasters to avoid, such as the change of the kwalificatieformat in 2016 after a race weekend, all back was removed.

“We are excited to be in a virtual environment with a few new rules to test,” says Symonds. “We have statistics to study and it gives us the chance to have something to simulate what wouldn’t a simple way.”

“I’ll just give an example where we have a while to think about it. Since a number of years, the starting grid is a formation where one car diagonally behind the other. One of the problems is that we have the fastest car at the front and the slower ones behind, but there were times that that was not the case.”

“There was a time that there are two cars, side by side, left and we even have a picture in our London office hang from a race in Monza, where there are four cars on the first row. What would happen if we returned it would do? That are things that are difficult to simulate.”

“Now we have the opportunity to go to a esportsgroep, the grid change and give them twenty races to let it ride. That do not have races of three hundred kilometres, only the first three rounds that we are interested in. Is the first round more exciting, or we get a big crash in the first turn?”

“By doing this and in a statistics to run we can put such things to better understand it. We have tangible evidence for us to base, I can’t say this enough how important that is,” concludes the Brit.

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