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Sanne Cant for the ninth time in a row, the Belgian champion cyclo-cross, Thijs Aerts prevails in the promises

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Sanne Cant (Iko-Beobank) may, for the ninth year in a row, Belgian champion cyclo-cross. The 27-year-old Antwerp showed Sunday, is clearly the strongest in the sand in Koksijde. The promises won by Thijs Aerts of the BK, the favorite got the for the strong eerstejaarsbelofte Show Vandebosch and his team mate Stijn Caluwé. Yannick Peeters finished in fourth place after a difficult race.

Cant, who are also world – and European champion, took early in the race a solo. Then she drove onbedreigd to a new tricolour. Also a (harmless) crash could be her rhythm break. The line had Cant a minute ahead of Ellen Van Loy. Loes Sels picked up a moment later, bronze.

The Belgian championships are Sunday afternoon ended with the title in the men’s elite. World champion Wout van Aert is the towering favorite for the third consecutive time the tricolore jersey to conquer.


1. Sanne Cant

2. Ellen Van Loy

3. Loes Sels

4. Laura Verdonschot

5. Kim Of the Stone

Promises: Thijs Aerts wins

Show Vandebosch colored the match the promises. The eerstejaarsbelofte from the Kempen was from the start firmly rampage and thus brought the selection. His team mate Stijn Caluwé followed in his wheel, Thijs Aerts appeared after a while, even though at the foreground of the image. Who was not there, was that another favorite: Yannick Peeters. He had in the first round haunt, but finally closed at the front. Something for halfway through the race we were so five leaders, because Thomas Joseph was come and join us.

Vandebosch kept pricking hand out, and made it so that the match in a decisive move. Thijs Aerts followed, in the sand was the brother of the Show there will eventually be solo of course. Vandebosch had to solve, Caluwé and Peeters were at that time already too far to connect to. Thijs Aerts rode solo to the victory, Vandebosch saw his handsome competition awarded silver.


1. Thijs Aerts

2. Show Vandebosch

3. Stijn Caluwé

4. Yannick Peeters

5. Pieter-Jan Fly

6. Andreas Goeman

7. Jelle Schuermans

8. Timo Kielich

9. Yentl Bekaert

10. Mathijs Wuyts

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