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Reizen Waes are looking for the not far

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Tom Waes is on the filming of the fourth season of the One-program Travel Waes started. This year there is one big difference with the previous seasons: the presenter stays within Europe.

For the first episode draws the team to Spain. Not the most popular and tourist places to see, but to see a different side of the country to show. Also Ukraine is in the planning. The other countries will in the course of the autumn will be announced.

Last year was Travel Waes , the best viewed programme. But preferably 1.994.365 viewers voted on the reportagereeks where Tom Waes several fascinating travel destinations went to discover.

The broadcast of the new season are scheduled for the autumn, but the recordings for the new series are already underway. Agree Pascal Braeckman is also re-of the party. He shared a photo of behind the scenes on his Instagramaccount with the statement: “It is of that!’

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