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Read here everything about the first day of the BK, with Thibau Nys as a great eye-catcher

234d8005f43172cac0891437b62972bb - Read here everything about the first day of the BK, with Thibau Nys as a great eye-catcher

Thibau Nys has for the second year in a row crowned the Belgian champion cyclo-cross. Last season won Nys still somewhat surprising at the first-year novices, now triumphed that he is the rookie sophomore. The son of Sven held a strong Jetze Van Campenhout. When the juniors took the victory to Jarno Bellens, at the new first-year students was Jelle Harteel the strongest. Julie Brewers won in the category, ladies and novices.

Juniors: Jarno Bellens prevails

Jarno Bellens (Young Cycling Talent (D & D) Saturday afternoon in Koksijde’s Belgian title in cyclo-cross in the junior division. Bellens placed his decisive attack in the penultimate round, when he showed his competitors Gerben Kuypers and Witse Meeussen behind. Meeussen picked up eventually, the silver, the bronze went to Niels Vandeputte. Kuypers had to settle with the fourth place.

“My plan was to put as soon as possible in the attack to go and then I would see where I came out,” said Jarno Bellens after arrival. “Ultimately that is the correct policy proved to be though I had not initially immediately a good feeling during the contest. In the global warming felt the legs heavy, and it took until about the third round for me feeling better. I could be a twenty seconds head start to build and that was because in the last round I got it heavy.”

“I was still faced with a technical problem, so I’m in the last bit of sand is not until the end could walk. Therefore I lost a lot of my lead but finally I had enough. I think I may say that I the title have earned,” says the new junioreskampioen from Heist-op-den-Berg.

“I have a very good season behind them, I already have six times the chance to win, and then there is always some pressure when you are on a Belgian championship at the start. I am happy with the stress I can handle, had been the conditions as well. It was a hard cross that was at the end of last year on the world Cup is also already the case. After the first round, I thought it would be. Only in the penultimate round when they saw a mistake made, I came there all the way through. Then I thought: ‘now I must keep going to the finish’.”

On the hall of fame, he follows Show Vandebosch. For Bellens, it was the first veldrittitel. The cruisers (U16) in the BMX ” and he was already once Belgian champion. “I can still not really believe. I think it will only trickle down when I get to my parents and friends. Also during the cross, I was not at all sure of the victory. Only in the last fifty metres, on the straight line, I knew that the inside was. Fantastic feeling!”


1. Jarno Bellens

2. Witse Meeussen

3. Niels Vandeputte

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Thibau Nys eye-catcher

Fifteen-year-old Nys, son of veldriticoon Sven Nys, was at the first place a sensible cross in the rookie sophomore. Without going too deep to go, he knew from start to finish to dominate. He previously some prick to have distributed, put Nys in the penultimate round are decisive acceleration. Dante Coremans could not follow, and fell even more back to the fourth position, 47 seconds of the winner. The silver medal eventually went to Jetze Van Campenhout, who is sixteen seconds after the young Nys across the finish line bolde. His ploegmakker Ward Huybs was something more than a half minute third.

For Thibau Nys is already the second Belgian title in a row. Last year crowned himself in Oostende to the Belgian champion in the eerstejaarsnieuwelingen. This season he rides in the junior league. Saturday afternoon with the match in the juniors the first day of the BK closed. Sunday will be the races at the men, women and promises driven.

Rash newcomers and sophomores:

1. Thibau Nys

2. Jetze Van Campenhout

3. Ward Hubys

4. Dante Coremans

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Men’s novices first-year students

Winner Jelle Harteel: “I am of Adinkerke, a few kilometers from here. This was a pure home game for me. I’m here at least ten times workout the past few weeks and knew every obstacle perfectly. This is also only my second year as a crosser. I drive all of my eighth on the way.”

Podium and top ten at the newcomers freshmen:

1. Jelle Harteel (Acrog-Pauwels Sauces-Balen BC) 32:59

2. Mathis Avondts (IKO-Beobank) at 0:34

3. Brent Drum 0:49

4. Mauro Delmo 01:02

5. Jente Michiels 01:20; 6. Pieter Pauwels 01:41; 7. Thibau Dhooge 01:47; 8. Noa Diels 02:02; 9. Milan Kuypers 02:24; 10. Yannick Van Gils 02:25

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Podium and top ten in the ladies novices:

1. Julie Brewers 31:37

2. Julie Roelandts at 0:58

3. The Kiona Dhont 1:13

4. Lies’l Schevenels 1:25

5. Mirthe Van Den Brande 2:57; 6. Imke Storms 2:57; 7. Julie The Wild 3:43; 8. Fien Masure 3:43; 9. Challenge The Canonical Coppens 05:00; 10. Star Vervloet 06:05

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