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Practice the Red Devils again against this professional country in the run-up to a big tournament?

That the Red Devils in the lead-up to the world Championships in Russia, going to practice against Saudi Arabia, we knew that already. But according to La Capitale to get the Belgians also a serious hit for the feet, and thrown Portugal.

The next season against world cup participant Saudi Arabia will on the 27th march to take place in Brussels. The country will pay 1 million euro for the match, that half of the lost Aziëtrip of november is recouped. That was then cancelled at the insistence of the Premier League clubs of a large number of Red Devils.

In march, only the match against the Saudi’s on the program because of the busy clubprogramma, but in June to play the Red Devils three oefenmatchen. One of them is already fixed: on June 1, against European champion Spain. This would be an agreement in principle. The Devils practiced in the run-up to the european CHAMPIONSHIPS even though against Cristiano Ronaldo and co. It was then 2-1 for Portugal.

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