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Pieter-Jan Hannes, should specify in Northern Ireland Antrim

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Pieter-Jan Hannes, the finish line is not reached at the first IAAF permit veldloop of 2018 in the Northern Irish Antrim. He had the fight stop due to illness. The victories went to the Kenyans Timothy Cheruiyot and Margaret Chelimo Kipkemboi.

Hannes gave earlier this week that he is slightly ill, and that was just for the contest in Northern Ireland is more severe than expected. “No one had told me that vomiting after the contest, instead of ensure”, he wrote with a wink on his social media. “This is my first problem ever, and so a very sad day.”

Cheruiyot, silver medalist in the 1500 meters of the world CHAMPIONSHIPS last summer, was the best. He took it for the Ethiopian Mogos Tuemay. When the women was Kipkempboi the best, one second ahead of the Ethiopian Fotyen Tesfay.



1. Timothy Cheruiyot (Ken) 23:12

2. Mogos Tuemay (Eth) 23:12

3. Soufiane Elbakkali (Mar) 23:32

4. Andy Vernon (Gbr) 23:41

5. Kristian Mark Jones (Gbr) 23:45


1. Margaret Chelimo Kipkemboi (Ken) 19:55

2. Fotyen Tesfay (Eth) 19:56

3. Bontu Edao Rebitu (Brn) 19:59

4. Verity Ockenden (Gbr) 20:17

5. Alemitu Hawi (Eth) 20:17

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