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NOS would be about 900,000 euro per Orange-game-willing to pay

47fedc7079871ff0d43fd3daff5ddd69 - NOS would be about 900,000 euro per Orange-game-willing to pay

Despite the dramatic performance of the Dutch national team would be the NOS far want to go for the broadcasting rights to the next four years. According to the Telegraph provides the NIS 900,000 euros per match.

Because we are in a total of about 30 to 40 competitions, with tens of millions of euros. The Telegraph has that information learned from insiders in the voetbalwereldje.


Of course it would be great if football fans for the coming years at the NOS can watch the football matches of Orange, but the state broadcaster suffers, however, huge losses in such amounts. Connoisseurs in the same piece in the Telegraph that the advertising revenue for a contest of Orange only 300,000 à 400,000 euros, will be successful.

That’s not true

The NOS says that the amount of 900,000 euros is not right but refuses to say how many there are or will be provided per contest. The broadcaster is afraid that any comments on the negotiations will harm.

RTL and Veronica

Previously also had RTL and Veronica interested in the football rights, but their bid was too low for CAA Eleven, the company that, on behalf of the UEFA rights for the national football teams sell.

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