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Narcos get new principals

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Narcos is all three seasons of the popular Netflix series. For the fourth season is a look new actors pulled out. Who the are? That you can read here.

Netflix is coming in 2018 with a brand new season of Narcos. This time, the leading role is not played by Pedro Pascal, better known as DEA agent Javier Peña. Two new faces to the series a new character: Diego Luna (Star Wars: Rogue One) and Michael Peña (Collateral Beauty, Fury).

Guadalajara cartel

Next season is no longer in Colombia, but the cast moves to Mexico. There is the Guadalajara cartel central. These drug offenders made there in the 80’s personally for that many kilos of heroin and marijuana to the United States were smuggled.

Good guys and bad guys

It is not yet known in whose skin the two protagonists are going to creep up. It is expected that one of the guys in a good guy, while the other is turn as head of the cartel. It promises, in any case, exciting to be.

Real narcos

The pictures of Narcos were anything but flawless. Locatiescout Carlos Muñoz Portal was during his work doorzeeft with bullets. Probably this was the work of real narcos.

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