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Nafi Thiam looks ambitious, forward to 2018, and know that they can still improve

Last Saturday, she was still crowned the Sportswoman of the Year, but that pressed her ambition. Wednesday looked Nafissatou Thiam are already ahead in the coming season. Do better than the past two years, it seems almost impossible, but Thiam believes that there is definitely progression is possible. “I can go into each part to improve, especially in the loopnummers.”

“The main goal of the season will, of course, the EC outdoor in August in Berlin”, crossed the Namur of shore. “I want to really top his and my place on the international stage to defend. Previously, I would also score on other meetings, such as in Götzis, for example.” On the prestigious meerkampmeeting in Austria glittered Thiam this year yet but as the fourth athlete ever in the internet about the border of the 7,000 points to go.

Except medals and titles wants to be the student of geography will also continue to improve in every part of the internet. “The lens is better to continue to be, each year, progress continued to make progress, and evolve. I can be in each part to be even better, especially in the loopnummers. On that loopnummers, the focus is in 2018. My personal record on the internet improve will be hard after a fantastic 2017, but maybe that is about a year or three.”

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