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Most famous RTBF-radio host resigns after program on rape

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Benjamin Maréchal, the host of the RTBF-radio VivaCité, has resigned after yet another riot on his program C’est vous qui le dites. Maréchal asked his listeners whether a woman can cum if she is being raped.

C’est vous qui le dites on VivaCité is by far the most popular radio show of the RTBF, and Maréchal is by far the most popular presenter. He let all ten years every morning the listener to the word about the most diverse topics, a bit like Hautekiet on Radio 1, but stouter. He lies through his often populist approach for years under fire, also by colleagues of the RTBF. In november he received a storm of criticism on him after a broadcast on ‘road safety’. The reason was the death of a scoutsjongen of the twelve, who died after he was hit by a car. Maréchal launched when program asked this question: “Is 60 kilometers per hour in the vicinity of a scoutsgroep always a risk, or not per se?’ There followed a storm of protest, and an open letter which was signed by the Walloon minister of Media, Jean-Claude Marcourt (PS) asked the Maréchal to dismiss. That happened when not.

‘Can women have orgasm during rape?’

Now Maréchal de honor to himself after a new rel. That followed soon after a even though controversial broadcast last Thursday evening on the French tv channel BFM TV, which was ‘nagekaart’ on the open letter of French women, Cathérine Deneuve, who questions put by the #metoo movement. In that program said the former porno Brigitte Lahaie that women are best able to cum when they are raped. That then put all of France on its head. Maréchal decided Friday morning in his program the question to his listeners: “Can women have orgasm during a rape?’

Now it was even Marcourt, the size full. ‘Unacceptable to have such a serious and sensitive subject to approach. This is unacceptable for a public broadcaster, ” he wrote on Twitter. Isabelle Simonis (PS), minister of women’s Rights, joined thereto: “It is completely inappropriate and ethically just outrageous to the devastating consequences for the victims to doubt by an association with pleasure.’

Sidekick Cyril

Maréchal announced this morning himself his dismissal on the radio. He admits that he has over the past ten years, and the bend was, but that makes him part of the game. He claims that he himself several times had asked to stop, but that it was asked to remain.

C’est vous qui le dites continues to exist in any event, even without Benjamin Maréchal. He is provisionally replaced by his sidekick Cyril.

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