Mol-fan vs Mol-virgin: Weak bite & The Return of Ron

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Ron is now really gone. /AVROTROS

Metro’s Constance van Amstel, and Erik Jonk track Who is the Mole. Constance looks for years, for Erik, this is his second season. Each week they discuss the broadcast in the column Mol-fan us. Mol-virgin.

Weak bite

Constance: What an episode. There happened so much! But first, let’s consider the most notable event: the resignation of Jean Marc. What did you there?

Erik: If it really is ‘lack of sleep and too much emotion’ was: weak bite! Fokke and Dork. And you?

Constance: I actually found it pathetic. That man has the desire, has his linen pants packed and then is faced with a terrible fanatic people such as Inspector – how often do you have Art called?! gadget Olcay Gülşen. I would also be screaming mad.

Erik: That Gülşen with her pee-urge, for sure! But I’ll stay with slack bite. Would Jean-Marc the Mole could have been? And then what now?

Constance: That question I’m still wondering. What if he is the mole? There Is now a new mole? And was the name of the episode, therefore, quick-change routine?

Erik: Hm, good one… That Loes Haverkort by the editors a box retracted, and gets to hear: ‘You are now the Mole. I think it goes.

Constance: Anyway, Loes Haverkort. If she wasn’t already, then they are now. But The Return of Ronnie B. poor, Poor Ron. It becomes a pathetic season, say. Would you have him back?


Erik: No, of course not, ophoepelen. Everything for myself. You find it pathetic, but I don’t return in games, go. Yes, I am irritated!

Constance: Yes, that is apparent. Then you definitely also not so happy with the complex command in that theater, eh?

Erik: No, that’s why. If Mol-virgin, I still can’t determined against disorganized shouting on a market or some musical chairs in a theatre. So I can never find a clue. You will find the fantastic sure?

Constance: Well… there you say to me what. I found that market and that theatre is also totally incomprehensible and also not necessarily fun to watch. The candidates speak to me until now also not so. I worse me often to them. The excavator-command I found it’s nice. That Simone is completely zen! What did you think?

Erik: Yes, that gravel wegscheppen under the leadership of opperbaas Jan Versteegh was cool and saved it for me the broadcast. I will therefore try my best, but just continue to do so. Do you have a hint for me who the Mole is?

Tunnel vision

Constance: Well, based on the last command were, of course, the people in the small cars the most suspicious, because that may be the least to do. And who was there? Understand Loes. And her cart was happen to be still ‘a piece’. Or is my tunnel vision? Who are you now?

Erik: Ruben Hein, because he out of the blue the boss about Jan went to play. But yes, I am still a Mole-virgin, so the stores stuck with anything. Saturday I will be sharp! Unless Ron Boszhard again opdraaft…

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