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Maurice Wines called judges tv talent shows to positive

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Maurice Wines will find the current judges of talent shows on television are far too positive. According to the 47-year-old showbizzkenner may very well be what wicked said.

With 5 hours of live discussed Maurice the approach to shows like The voice, where most of the positive performance is highlighted.

Zouteloze criticism

According to Wines this is at the expense of the charm of the shows: “part of the appeal of talent shows on tv was also the without salt and criticism. It does not mean to be, but I find it very, very tipped to the positive. If I today, to talent shows, look, I get the idea: they find everything is so beautiful and so good.”

Honest expert

Wines knows what he is talking about: not only is he a creative force in musicalgigant Stage Entertainment and expert in Shownieuws, he slashed himself with it quits as a judge on talent shows like Popstars, Stars dancing on ice and New musical star. Each job was honesty in him first: “If it’s about showbizzaangelegen, auditions or talent, then I’m just being honest. Sometimes you also ever mean, because you’re television, but I try to never be rude.”

Baby fat

That Wines there are no wipes to wind, as we saw when he in 2007 as a judge of Popstars the then still very young Tim Douwsma for his table. He had a simple advice for a singing presenter, who at the time was still quite a bit of baby fat had do something about it if you want to come in this box. The blonde Frieze was also, according to Maurice far too young to have been so to walk. The tip came in as a sledgehammer, but Tim took ‘m to heart and has since become the gym not been.

So I feel today! If I run over am😂🙈🔥 Oh What A night! #birthday #party @naardebajes @vilaingai

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