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Louisa and Rosanna became parents of son

9844e694a93882f2097ae3939d1a5aba - Louisa and Rosanna became parents of son

The most famous transgenderkoppel of the Netherlands, Louisa and Rosanna, for the first time became parents. Rosanna is in the night of Friday the 29th of december, gave birth to baby boy Mikai.

This is a long cherished wish of the couple come true. Son Mikai weighs 4332 grams and both Mikai as Rosanna.


Louisa and Rosanna are known for their realityseries on TLC. The transmitter also comes with a documentary about this special birth, because Rosanna wants, deep inside a man. She goes after childbirth continue with her transition. Louisa is also in transition, she was asked Lowieke. The two are already fifteen years together.

Louisa & Rosanna, the babyspecial is on Thursday the 18th of January at 20.00 hours to see at TLC.

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