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Loss F1 race would be a huge blow to British motor racing are

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David Richards, former F1 team boss of Benetton and BAR, is the alarm bell by stating that the loss of a GP in Britain consequences for the British motorsport in general.

Today, Richards chairman of the British Motor Sports Association (MSA). In that capacity, he let his light shine on the future of the sport during a speech at the ‘Autosport International show’.

“There is already a British GP since the beginning of the world championship of Formula 1 in 1950,” says Richards. “A recent survey among the fans has shown that the GP of Great Britain at the four most iconic races hear the fans from anywhere in the world on TV want to see.”

“Each year carries with it the event about 50 million pounds to the British economy and about 4.5 million TV viewers in the United Kingdom voted there last year. Therefore, it is also important for the fans at home.”

“Therefore, we will of the MSA to participate actively in the discussions and with our support ensure that the British GP after 2019 are still part of the Formula 1.”

Richards wished not details about what kind of support it would go.

“It is difficult to say in what way our support will express itself,” the Brit continued. “Maybe we can in one way or another exert pressure for state aid or, in yet another way. I stand fully behind the importance of this event for British motorsport. We will do everything to make the future of the British GP to ensure.”

The organizers of the GP of Great Britain, the British Racing Drivers Club (BRDC), last summer a clause in their contract with the F1 is activated to terminate the agreement after the race of 2019. That way, they hope a more favorable contract out of the fire drag because at this point hit the BRDC not matter the cost.

With the current agreement should the BRDC each year, pay to the F1, to the GP to organise, the chance is small, however, that the new owners of the F1 there in want pruning. There is an agreement between the Formula One Management (FOM) and the BRDC to the event to share as a joint venture.

Wednesday upcoming, there is a meeting in London scheduled with all of the organizers of the current calendar to the future of the sport to discuss.

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