Live after death: inherit pophelden walk within

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George Michael./Photos ANP

Legendary artists, farmers, even after their death, well, some act even more.

George Michael is dead, long live George Michael! In the autumn comes Fastlove to the Netherlands, a tribute to the december 2016 died legendary London singer with his hits will be interpreted by one Joseph Sansome. Who gave during the – sold-out – British part of his tour not about the singing talent of George Michael, but according to the reviews on the other side of the channel ” in his best moments, close’. Also, for his appearance; Sansome has the same hairstyle and same dress style as his idol, he is only a few kilos heavier.

Blood, sweat &…

That sold-out halls and thick recettes after the death of musical heroes is no complete thing of the past, as we now know. Some, after their death, perhaps even more successful than when they were alive. What to think of the in 2004 deceased André Hazes? From 2012 to 2015, walked into Amsterdam’s DeLaMar Theatre of the chronically sold-out musical” He Believes In Me, about the real person behind the hero in the Cockpit’. Not long after the last entry there was also a film, Blood, Sweat & Tears, that more than 300,000 visitors attracted. Since 2013, the Ziggo Dome, yearly several days, on his head because of the stiff sell-out evenings under the name Holland Sings Hazes, in which Dutch artists, among whom andré Hazes’ children, Andre jr. and Roxeanne, songs of the singer singing.

Hologram of the in 2004 deceased André Hazes during Holland Sings Hazes last year.

In the latest edition of Holland Sings Hazes, in march last year, even appearing as a hologram in the Cockpit on the podium that She Believes In Me sang. This is a phenomenon that we first saw of Tupac, on the American festival Coachella. In 1996 at 25 years of age to the effects of a shooting death rapper appeared there in 2012 suddenly on the main stage during a performance of Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre. A resurrectie that the cashier in the house of Shakur pretty did ring, as calculated with the Dutch music magazine Billboard later. After the performance, sales of his Greatest Hits album, for example, with 571 percent. Tupac sold over the past 25 years, incidentally, 75 million albums, of which the majority after his death.



Elvis Presley deserves forty years after his death, still about 30 million euros per year. Bob Marley, the reggae legend who died in 1981, was last year still accounted for almost 20 million euros. The relatives of the Prince, died in 2016, had to make do with 15.5 million euros. John Lennon (killed in 1980) and David Bowie (no longer among us since 2016) saw around 10 million of their side standing up.


Boss top boss – and that he was actually always already – is Michael Jackson. Or better said: the heirs of the 2009 death of King of Pop. Who saw last year a Spanish treasure fleet with 64,5 million euros on board vessels. A fortune that was earned with a Cirque du Soleil show in Las Vegas, a Thrillermusical in London, and the newly released compilation album , Scream, as reported business magazine Forbes. A pittance, incidentally, of the 709 million euros a year earlier were after a package of shares from his estate were paid. That is, according to the same Forbes more than any other artist, dead or alive, once in a year has earned.

And yes, also Michael Jackson performed even after his death. During the Billboard Music Awards three years back brought his hologram performance of Slave To The Rhythm. One of the comments under the 56 million times viewed video on YouTube: “I pay rather for an encounter of the dead Michael Jackson than for a show of the most of the living artists’. Others say the hope of a ‘hologram-tour’ of their dead hero.

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