Lead singer The Cranberries suddenly died

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O’Riordan died at the age of 46. / Us EPA

Dolores O’riordan, the lead singer of the Irish band The Cranberries, is Monday, suddenly died. Reports that the Irish broadcaster RTE. The artist was 46 years.

Publisher Lindsey Holmes tells us that O’riordan was in London for a recording session. Monday morning was the police of the English capital called to get to the hotel from O’riordan. A moment later, they would take the singer to death on the spot declare. The cause of death is not yet known.


The Cranberries had its most successful period in the ’90s. With hits such as Zombie and Linger knew the band much success. Last year the band started in may a tour, but that was quickly aborted. The official reason was that O’riordan is back pain.

The family members to know that they are “broken news” and that they “privacy questions in this very difficult period.”

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