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Jeroen Krabbé thanked for starring in Star Trek series

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Jeroen Krabbé was the early 90’s approached for a starring role in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, but the actor thanked in advance: he had no interest in a tv series.

This interesting fact came to light during the celebration of 25 years of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Benjamin Sisko

The creators blikten back on the casting process and published on Twitter a list of possible actors who play the leading role of Benjamin Sisko in the spin-off of Star trek: the next generation could play. Casting agent June Lowry – Johnson approached extremely various actors for the role: “Mad men”star John Slattery to Pierce Brosnan, David Duchovny, and even James Avery, who at the time played as uncle Phil in Fresh prince of Bel-Air.

“No interest”

Also the name of Jeroen Krabbé is featured on the first page. But, as you can read: the actor had no interest in a tv series. In 1992, jim’s’ star in Hollywood is rising after successful roles in, among others, The living daylights. A possible reason for his rejection is the fact that the creators him for several years wanted to capture. The role eventually went to Avery Brooks, who for seven years was to be seen in the sci-fi series where this summer a documentary about appears.

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