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Jennifer Hoffman on The Luizenmoeder

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After five seasons stopped Jennifer Hoffman (37) last year with dr. Tinus. Now she is back in a new comedyserie. In The luizenmoeder she plays a mother who, by trial and error, the mores of the playground own attempt to create. “There was a whole new world for me.”

The comic drama series The luizenmoeder follows parents and teachers from primary school to The Ivy. The just separated kinderpsychologe Hannah (Jennifer Hoffman) is in the ward and her little daughter Floor is so new on The Ivy. Determined her life as quickly as possible on the track she throws herself into the world on and around the schoolyard. She also does not escape the all-encompassing ‘moedermaffia’. Before they know it, she is in five appgroepjes, manages the love & leedpotje and she is luizenmoeder.

In addition to Jennifer Hoffman, we see, among others, Bianca Krijgsman as hulpmoeder Nancy, Diederik Ebbinge as principal Anton, Ilse Warringa as a teacher Ank and ex-friend Henry van Loon as Volkert, the concierge.

Why did you want this role you like to play?
“A year ago I was in conversation with the director, Jan Albert de Weerd. He told me that he was looking for a suitable actress for this series, which I with all kinds of names came up. Then he asked if I audition wanted to do. My first reaction was: ‘No way, are you crazy?’ I saw myself in that role, just not play. Weeks later, when the series a bit more shape, I decided to audition. That was so much fun, that I took on the role definitely wanted to have. So I was very happy that I had become. Also because Eva Aben, a good friend of mine, one of the writers.”

Then you come as a non-mother into a world of schoolpleinregels, hangouders and love & leedpotjes.
“Haha, yes, there was a whole new world for me. I already knew some of friends with children and my brother who is two daughters. But most of the terms I used in the script came across, were completely new to me. Of some, I thought they invented were. Not so, because for the parents on the set, they were very recognizable. And than there are at every school is also different rules and manners, and therefore all the time on eggs runs in the hope that you do well.”

Did you find it difficult to be a mother to play?
“No, because I have more young mothers played. In this case, it was really useful that I do not have children. Hannah happens to all; continuous surprised they are about the world in which she has landed. At the time that Hannah thinks that they all understand, happens something is causing them to doubt is: have I misunderstood, or seen?”

In the series plays the ten-year-old Sharai Troostwijk your daughter. How is it like to be a child to play?
“The funny thing is that Sharai previously my daughter was in the film Hello Bungalow, so it was a nice reunion. With some children you need to explain everything and they clearly tell you what will asked of them in a scene, but to her that was not necessary; Sharai understood everything. I am fond of her. She is very good. We are going to have much of her hearing.”

How do you look back on the recordings?
“I thought it was a party with all the actors on the set. The are all such good comedians, of whom I in my pants from laughing. But it was also hard work. Comedy requires a lot more concentration than drama. You must constantly be alert: the correct rhythm search, see where you can improve, a ball toss and head it in. You feelers are continuous. That makes it a lot vermoeiender than drama, but also a lot of fun to do. I hope on a second season.”

The luizenmoeder, Sunday 20.25 uur, NPO 3

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