Jean Marc has regret departure out Who is the Mole

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Jean Marc van Tol, the cartoonist who Saturday, the game Wie is de Mol free will left, has regretted this decision. That was heard in the radio program of Annemieke Schollaardt on NPO Radio 2.

In the broadcast discusses the presenter, the developments of the short participation Of Toll and of course, his voluntary departure after only the second episode central. After the test, nobody gained a red screen because Jean-Marc had decided to steps. There was also no afscheidspraatje with presenter Art Rooijakkers. Striking, because he earlier in the episode it still said: ‘just the fact that you are taking part in this incredible circus, super’.


The Fokke & .-artist shows on Radio 2 know that he heavily had. ,,It was very intense, the whole episode. I had three days of not sleeping. Then we who shovels saw it, said Stine all: maybe you must not therein go around. I knew then the difference between left and right already, so I thought that I must not do.”

Also the assignment the night before in the theater – which is where Ron Boszhard back, could return, but no one him that chance gunde – was tough for Of Toll. ,,I was to Julius Caesar looking, while later Ron was drooling to return. Of that contrast I could in the evening not sleep.”


So it was decided Tol leave. Not smart, ” he says now. ,,After a day I thought: what a stupid idea! I had, of course, there in need to continue.” In advance, he had not thought about the impact of the program. ,,I have the underestimated. But what you don’t know as a viewer is that the emotions are real. The emotions are just as real as in real life. I haven’t really thought about it.” The entire interview with Annemieke Schollaardt listen to you HERE.

This Saturday is the third episode of Wie is de Mol to see what the departure of Jean Marc with the group of participants has done.

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