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Jan Van der vaet laments clemens enjoy “heavy but it is incredibly beautiful Dakar”

Jan Van der vaet laments clemens, the mechanic on board of the MAN #514, the truck that he shares with his teammates Steven Rotsaert and Charly Gotlib, commented Friday during the rest day in the Dakar back on the heavy trips in Peru. The crew of the RTS team is after six rides on the 19th place.

“It is unbelievable, unbelievable, unbelievable. I can’t otherwise articulate,” says Van der vaet laments clemens. “I have never seen such a immense dunes seen. The were cathedrals, and the participants of today rest in La Paz have them all conquered. The first five days there was only sand. This edition has brought the previous days, the real spirit of the Dakar back to life. It was not snelheidswedstrijd. No, it came down to in order to survive.”

“The solidarity among the participants was especially large. Everyone helped everyone, with the goal to reach the finish line. With a number of teams we have in the desert overnight. The day after we have a half day to lie down with sandy to get out of that dekselse put to hit. It was one big adventure. One small mistake after we have beautifully driven. On to the next week, hopefully with even more adventure.”

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