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Interview with the cast of Summer in Zeeland

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SBS 6 will start on Monday with the brand-new series, Summer in Zeeland, a remake of the Australian hit series 800 Words. In the series of games, among others, Daniël Boissevain, Pip Pellens and Jennifer Hoffman a role. spoke with a large portion of the cast about the new SBS6-project.

The leading role in Summer in Zeeland is for Daniël Boissevain. His two children are played by Pip Pellens and Tonko Forests. Jennifer Hoffman (previously seen in Doctor Tinus) is a good friend of the main character and is also its editor-in-chief. Tamara Brinkman (Desk Raampoort) plays the teacher of the puberkinderen. Nyncke Beekhuyzen and Marc Nochem play inhabitants of the fictional town of Lekzand.

Where is Summer in Zealand?

Daniël Boissevain: “About columnist Sjors Mulder, who with his two puberkinderen living in Amsterdam. Sjors decides, after the death of his wife and the mother of his children, the rudder to throw. He leaves with his children to the fictional town of Lekzand in Zealand and buy a house without visiting.” The house turns out to be a huge house. If that goes well.

So you were the whole summer relaxing on the Zeeland beach.

Tamara Brinkman: “We have had very little on Zealand itself rotated. Alas! But it was just too far away. We have a lot of to the North Holland coast turned.”

Pip Pellens: “Lekzand, of course, is a fictional village, so we’ve been able to create as we wish. We have been to many different beaches. There we have a little bit of the feeling know to tell.”

Also Doctor Tinus is about a man from the city who strikes in a village. The series compare?

Daniël Boissevain: “I Find not at all. Dokter Tinus is really a comedy, there’s almost no drama. If there is drama in it, it’s about a comic something.”

Pip Pellens: “Summer in Zeeland has a total different story. I think that our series, without something artists have to say about other series, a very good scenario. It is very realistic.”

Marc Nochem: “We eschew the drama. The tragic story what’s inside, tilt the lightness of all sorts of weird characters in the series are sitting really on to a different level.”

The inhabitants of the Zeeland village do not speak with a Zeeuws accent. Why not?

Tamara Brinkman: “We have certainly talked about this before, because as an actor, do you think it is just great fun for a accent to learn. But it is just really hard to get that own to make in such a short time. Then it would be a wavering accent, or speak to anyone a little different. That’s what you want.”

Is there already talk about a second season?

Marc Nochem: “I hope it comes, but it is now depending on what the viewers think. The Australian original has already several seasons. And I know that all of us are so enthusiastic about, that we would like to next summer time a season.”

Pip Pellens: “In Australia, there are already three seasons turned, and there are a lot of prizes won. It is a great success. I hope that we, too, a little bit can take, and that there are a lot of people are going to look.”

Summer in Zeeland is from Monday 8 January weekly at 20.30 to see at SBS 6

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